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Solar Electric or Solar PV

Photo Voltaic systems convert sunlight to electricity. The electricity you MAKE from your solar PV system reduces the amount of electricity you need to BUY from your utility company. Making your own electricity can eliminate most of your electric bill. Most solar PV systems are "Grid-Tied", that is connected to the utility grid. Why stay connected to the grid? Efficiency, Simplicity and Incentives. A Grid-Tied system's design is controlled by two primary factors: your budget and your real estate. A Grid-Tie system feeds the power you collect directly into your house. When you make more electricity than you use it goes back to the electric company grid and they credit your electric bill. No expensive batteries to to buy and maintain, and incentives ONLY are available to Grid-Tied systems. A residential Grid-Tie PV System Net Cost after rebates & tax credits could be as low as $5,000 and pay for itself in 3-4 years. Contact us for a Free Preliminary Solar PV Report.

Solar Thermal Hot Water 

While much of the media attention has been directed toward solar electric systems, for the home owner the most productive and best return on investment comes from a solar water heating system. Hot water and space heating are the largest part of your energy budget. If you can directly replace gas, oil or electricity to heat your water you can have a dramatic reduction in energy costs. These system are relatively inexpensive, very efficient and last 25-30 years. Federal & State Tax Credits and Energy Investment Credits are available to offset the initial purchase and the sun contributes to lowering your energy bill the next 25+ years. Average System Net Cost to you after rebates and tax incentives: $3500. Anticipated savings: $700 of propane to $1000 of electricity per year. Contact us for a Free Preliminary Solar HW Report.

Wind Power

If your site has continuous or periods of steady wind, your electric power could be generated with a wind turbine. Like Solar PV, Wind Turbines are "Net-Metered" and can be configured to feed your electric energy needs with any power that you don't use going back to the electric company for credit to your account. For windy remote locations without access to electric power lines, batteries would be used to store the electricity for windless days. Wind Power system design require an extensive Site Survey to properly calculate the wind energy available. We can provide a complete Wind Energy Site Analysis Station to collect up to 3 months of data to determine your true wind resource. Contact us for information or to schedule a Preliminary Wind Site Report. If you have a good site, incentives, rebates and tax credits greatly reduce the initial costs.

Free Preliminary Solar Report

Renewable energy systems can be great investments when designed and sized properly. A Preliminary Solar Report outlines the benefits, costs and savings to allow you to make the best decision. The report is specific you, your building, at your location using a database of local solar energy and weather data. The report includes Carbon Dioxide reduced and the Miles of Driving Saved by the proposed solar energy system. A Preliminary Solar Report maximize your investment efficiency by optimizing system sizing, tax benefits and incentive programs. And it is free!

Solar Energy System Modeling & Performance Analysis

  • Sizing and configure renewable energy systems to maximize energy production and financial incentives.
  • Estimate solar electric (PV), solar thermal and wind turbine system size and performance.
  • Solar thermal analysis for domestic hot water, pool/spa heating and hydronic radiant floor systems.
  • Comprehensive Financial Analysis ROI, Return on investment, Years to Pay Back, monthly, annual and lifetime energy & dollar savings.
  • Compare project scenarios: Maximize your investment efficiency.
  • Compare how energy efficiency measures and various system options and sizes change the financial returns.
  • Compare incentive programs and utility rate structures. To prepare for a Preliminary Solar Report, gather up a few months of utility or oil & gas bills and call one of our solar specialists.

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